Talk to your audience where they are - on their phones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise data and data analytics. We want organisations to understand how to use their data to grow and strengthen their organisation. In short, we’re not going to put a limit on your data storage capabilities because that goes against everything we believe in.

Data Storage

Store all your contacts – be they clients, prospects, members, stakeholders, supporters – and track all their information including contact details, status, interests & interactions

1 to 1 texts, for less.

You can reach your campaign goals faster with text messaging. SwiftFox Texts helps some of the biggest campaign organisations across the country to send millions of text messages. From advocacy campaigns, to marketing, fundraising, reminder messages, information awareness and many more

Millions of personal conversations, at once

SwiftFox is Australia's best person-to-person texting platform for creating meaningful conversations with your audience, and driving results. Send your message to 1, or 1 million people -  simultaneously.

Send texts, reply to texts

Two-way texts, also referred to as peer-to-peer texting means you can send texts and receive texts simultaneously. Two-way messaging enables organisations to message thousands of people from dedicated local phone numbers, and answer responses in real-time.

Bulk blasts for mass broadcasting of your message

Reach people instantly. Sometimes you need to act fast. Whether it be an urgent alert, or a 24-hour sale (still very important!)  a bulk blast is one of the best ways to get your message out to the public quickly. Send different texts for different target groups. You can even send the same texts at different times, depending on when it will suit your audience the best.

Easy, conversational user interface

SwiftFox Texts is effortless. The conversational interface allows you to send and respond to messages in the same style you would do on your mobile.

Store conversations against records

In a major point of difference to our competitors, SwiftFox has complete CRM capabilities - meaning conversations can be stored against records, giving you a complete history of conversations with your contacts

Your data lives right here in Australia

Don't risk your data being sent to overseas providers, who mostly use international phone carriers. SwiftFox stores your data in Australia and uses local, secure networks to send your important texts.
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