Contacts & Profiles

The perfect database

SwiftFox manages all your Contact information, via individual and organisation profiles

Store, manage and track your contacts

Each contact has a profile created for them in SwiftFox. The profile will track all core contact data including:

Profile information including personal and contact information

Have their organisation, employer, group associations or interests tagged

Set individual categories and custom fields

Financial status and other key information (if required)

Tracking of all communications & interactions with contacts

Communications sent and received - emails, calls, texts, and event tracking is all added to a contact’s profile so as to provide a rich history of your interactions

You can also store documents on a contact profile

Create contacts

An organised way to keeptrack of your client relationships. They are the foundation of the database you will build with SwiftFox, ever-growing, ever evolving.

Search & segment

SwiftFox tells you who you need to contact and what relationships are thriving. SwiftFox takes care of all of your clients, prospects and referrers.

Restrict access

Reduce your sales cycle and manage your list of new prospects. Monitor wins, losses, staff performance & conversions. Seize every opportunity to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I link contacts to organisations?
What happens if someone fills out my mailing list form?
What security measures are in place to protect my contact's data?
Can I export my contacts from SwiftFox?
Can I assign contacts to specific members of my team?

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