Pipelines & Projects

Capture every opportunity

SwiftFox Pipelines and Projects ensures you’ll capture leads and manage all the moving parts of your organisation, without dropping the ball

Capture Leads, Convert Prospects

SwiftFox interface with a list of sales leads and their potential value

SwiftFox’s Pipeline management feature is a centralised place where your team can track prospects and senior management can see a pipeline's status at any time.


Track and manage all aspects of your prospect journeys, enabling your team to win more clients, with less stress.


Comprehensive user control options, enabling users to keep opportunities or specific details confidential.

Manage Your Workflow

SwiftFox interface showing a list of tasks related to an item in the project list. Each task is assigned to someone different

SwiftFox Projects streamlines staff collaboration and workload tracking. Each project can have all relevant Tasks and Comments linked, for an easy overview of all work with detailed insights.


Automate repetitive tasks


Centralise your work, processes, tools and files


Visualise a tailored view of your team’s workload and projects

Create tasks

Set alerts for key dates or milestones, save to-dos, and assign tasks to team members.

Dashboard Reporting

View easy reports on activity for all Pipelines and Projects, including visualisations.

Restrict access

Detailed user permissions can be set to ensure project features are only available to certain users (or groups of users) in your organisation.

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