About Us

How can we make data useful, simple, effective, trustworthy, and fun, for as many organisations as possible? This is a question we ask ourselves every day. That’s why you’re here.

Founded by John McLindon and some bright friends.

SwiftFox was an inspired brainchild of John McLindon. Working in politics, John learned that if you wanted to make a difference in the world, you needed a data-led campaign. Data was the difference between a motivated workforce and a depleted one, a campaign that made waves and a campaign that stood still.
When he left politics, John saw his next task as bringing data-led decision-making to not-for-profit organisations and SMEs.
This was the beginning of ‘The Red Fox Group’, a data analytics and consulting company.

We built a data homebase - SwiftFox

The Red Fox team decided to build a platform that was different.

We joined with engineers and industry experts to build a CRM that was enjoyable to use, cost-effective and intuitive. We wanted to create a platform that could do it all. From managing client information and marketing to day-to-day workflow.

So much of software is intimidating, complicated and confusing. Enter SwiftFox.

Red Fox

We wanted to help people grow but we were just helping them organise. We would arrive at organisations, ready to analyse – only to spend most of our time helping our clients find their data in spreadsheets, subscriptions, word docs, notepads.Or worse, they had a customer relationship management platform system, but they had simply moved their data issues from one house to the next. And for the cost of housing their ineffective data – the CRM was charging them a fortune. It was clear that organisations needed another secure place to store their data.

The SwiftFox team thought it could be a LOT simpler.

No one should be investing in technology only to find themselves talking to a chatbot and relying on the Gen Z team members to train an entire organisation. Software should be less stressful. More accessible. We wanted to give people their confidence back, rather than strip them of it.

It could even be fun.

Useful, local, smart - but in a simple way.