Xero Integration


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Integrating Xero and SwiftFox allows you to keep your Xero platform in sync with SwiftFox.

As contacts are created and updated in Xero, those changes will be reflected in SwiftFox so you can track, manage and utilise the SwiftFox suite of features.

After connecting Xero to your SwiftFox account, contact changes made in Xero will be transferred across to SwiftFox. This connection between Xero and SwiftFox is one-way. Therefore, it’s important to consider Xero as your source of truth in this integration.

Connecting Xero to SwiftFox

Before you start

Ensure you have the following:

  • An active Xero account.
  • Multi-factor authentication enabled for all users in your SwiftFox organisation.
  • Valid Xero contact data. For example, this may include ensuring phone numbers include country and area codes, or email addresses are in the standard format (e.g., example@company.com). SwiftFox requires valid fields for operations like sending emails and text messages. Invalid data will not be synchronised to SwiftFox.
    See here for further details.

Setting up the Xero Connection

To connect a Xero organisation to SwiftFox:

  1. In SwiftFox, go to Settings > Xero
  2. Click Connect your Xero Organisation.
  3. You’ll be redirected to Xero for login.
  4. Select the organisation you wish to connect and click Allow Access.
  5. After redirection back to SwiftFox's Xero settings page, the connected organisation should be visible.

To connect multiple organisations, repeat these steps for each one.

To verify successful integration with Xero:

  1. In Xero, click your organisation name and choose Settings.
  2. Select Connected Apps and look for SwiftFox in the list.

Disabling the Xero Connection

To disconnect a Xero organisation from SwiftFox:

  1. In SwiftFox, go to Settings > Xero.
  2. Click the Disconnect button for the organisation you wish to disconnect.
  3. If successfully disconnected, an alert will notify you at the top of the page and the organisation will no longer be listed as connected.

After disconnecting, updates from that organisation will no longer synchronise with SwiftFox. However, contacts previously created through the integration will remain in SwiftFox.

If there are no remaining connected organisations, the list will be empty.

To verify the disconnection was successful in Xero:

  1. In Xero, click your organisation name and go to Settings.
  2. Select Connected Apps. SwiftFox should no longer be listed among your connected apps.

Synchronisation Details

What fields are transferred from my Xero contacts to SwiftFox?

SwiftFox maps the following fields from Xero contacts. Any field not listed here will not be mapped:

Note: archived contacts in Xero are not added to SwiftFox.

Xero Field

SwiftFox Field

Additional Details

First name
First name
Last name
First name
Primary Phone Number
Includes country and area code. Invalid numbers are not transferred.
Mobile Phone Number
Includes 10 digits as 04xxxxxxxx. Invalid numbers are not transferred.

Rate Limits

Our integration with Xero is subject to Xero's rate limiting policy, which restricts the number of API requests within a specific time frame, typically daily. Exceeding this limit may temporarily block further requests, causing delays or disruptions in data synchronisation.

If you encounter a rate limiting error in our app, it indicates the daily API request quota to Xero has been reached.

For more details, please refer to Xero's rate limiting documentation:


I’ve created/updated a contact in Xero but it’s not appearing in SwiftFox.

  • Check the Connection:
  • In SwiftFox, navigate to Settings > Xero.
  • Verify the organisation shows a green tick icon and Disconnect button. A warning icon indicates a disrupted connection, along with a Re-connect button.
  • To re-establish the connection, click Re-connect and authorise again.
  • Verify Data Format: Ensure the data conforms to the required format. See field details.

For further assistance, please contact our Support team.