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We also know there are times when you may have other platforms with contact information, and you need to integrate with SwiftFox

SwiftFox API

SwiftFox has a powerful API that can be used by our clients or our development team to connect SwiftFox to any required software directly. Our API lets you retrieve, search, create and update data within your SwiftFox environment, and sync SwiftFox to your other software.
The SwiftFox API is a core part of our mission to empower you to centralise your data, and to help you get the most value out of SwiftFox for your entire organisation.

Finance Integrations

SwiftFox is designed to connect to any payment gateway, finance system, bank or accounting software required by organisations to manage payments in an accurate way.

During onboarding our team will work closely with you to connect SwiftFox to your existing software to manage the financial aspects of your organisation. This way we can safeguard your organisation from losing financial information as part of this project, as well as providing flexibility into the future.


Zapier is a powerful automation platform that effortlessly connects SwiftFox to over 5,000 other apps you commonly use. This connection enables data to flow automatically between SwiftFox and these apps, reducing manual effort, saving time, and allowing you to focus on what truly matters in your work.

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Open AI

Have your emails drafted for you with our integration with Open AI.
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Connect your accounting information directly to SwiftFox, ensuring a single-source-of-truth.
See here for how to integrate Xero
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Hosting a Zoom webinar? Have invite and attendance data flow straight back into SwiftFox.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What security measures are in place for data transfer?
Do integrations support real-time data synchronisation?
What role do APIs play in CRM integrations, and are they user-friendly?
Is there ongoing support for CRM integrations in case of issues or updates?
Can integrations be disconnected if needed?
Can SwiftFox integrate with other platforms not currently listed on our website page?

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