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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
How much does it cost if I want a new feature?
Can I submit feature requests?
How much does support cost?
What training do you offer?
What is the process for raising and tracking incidents?​
What are your support hours, inclusions, and exclusions?​
Do you clean data? Will you import it?
Will you set up my templates, projects, pipelines?
What other clients do you work with?
Does SwiftFox support Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? ​
Does SwiftFox encrypt data? ​
What compliance certifications does SwiftFox have?​
Does all SwiftFox software and databases reside and remain in Australia?
Where is SwiftFox hosted? Where is it located?​
Can I hide contacts from people?
How many emails can I send?
How much do I have to pay?
How often is the Government data updated?
Does SwiftFox integrate with Outlook or Teams?
Do I need MailChimp?
Can we export all our data out? What happens if we leave?
How do we get all our current data into SwiftFox?
Can I restrict access to staff to certain records or features? Can I make my interactions private?
Where is my data located and who has access?
Do you have a limit to how many contacts or organisations you can store?
Do we get a discount for writing a review?
Is there a referral discount?
Is this a lock-in contract?
We’ve already been onboarded, but can we have some more training?
Are there set-up costs or additional fees?
Does SwiftFox integrate with other products? Can it talk to my data warehouse?
Can I pay monthly? Can I pay annually?
Do you have a limit to how many contacts or organisations you can store?
Do you offer a discount for not-for-profits?
This is very reasonably priced. What is the catch?
How much do I have to pay

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