SwiftFox for Campaigners

Sometimes you want to do a little with not a lot.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise data and data analytics. We want organisations to understand how to use their data to grow and strengthen their organisation. In short, we’re not going to put a limit on your data storage capabilities because that goes against everything we believe in.

Data Storage

Store all your contacts – be they clients, prospects, members, stakeholders, supporters – and track all their information including contact details, status, interests & interactions

Get your message out there

Campaigning is about making a lot of change with not a lot of resources. Enter SwiftFox, SwiftFox stores contacts, sends emails and texts, makes calls, runs events, takes payments, maps your data and automates simple tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Profiles are easy

An organised way to keep track of your contacts – bethey supporters, members, donors, stakeholders or prospects. Profiles are the foundation of the database you will build with SwiftFox, ever-growing, ever evolving.

Lists you can only dream about

Campaigners need lists for everything. Event organising. Call lists. Email lists. Donor lists. Volunteers, potential volunteers. We’ve created our list builder perfectly for this purpose. So you can collaborate easily and have lists so good you will never look at a spreadsheet again.  

Engagement toolkit (and time-saving automations)

Emails, calls, texts, events, newsletters, surveys, petitions, payments - all in one place and all beautifully simple to use.Automate time-wasting tasks. Sync directly to your website.

Monitor your progress, and manage your workflow

Visualise your data on our dashboards, build reports, create projects, monitor your campaign pipeline, assign tasks to your teams.

User Access that helps you sleep at night

Campaigns move quickly. You meet new people every day. There are volunteers, part time staff, full time staff. Donors. Who sees what information is vital to get right. We help you set tight user controls. And, your data is securely stored here. We will never sell your data.
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Make advocacy simple

Use our full database of government contacts as well as thousands of Australian and New Zealand Government datasets our team always keep up-to-date to fast-track your mission for change.

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