Build powerful relationships with your clients

Build powerful relationships with your clients


Do you want to uncover new leads, provide outstanding client service and create a more efficient organisation?

SwiftFox CRM is a specialised software solution built for accountants, lawyers, engineers and other professional service firms.

Software frustrations are common for many of these organisations and can hold you back from maximising growth and providing the best possible value to clients.

SwiftFox CRM is developed by a team of leading Australian software engineers and developers, data scientists, economists and digital experts.

The Problem

Does your organisation experience any of these issues?

  • Inconsistent tracking of client interactions

  • Limited ability to predict a client’s future need and cross-sell

  • Lost time managing separate software systems

  • Complex and time-consuming internal risk, audit and compliance processes

  • Marketing campaigns delivered on generic external platforms

  • Lack of access to real-time business analytics


Why use SwiftFox?

Here are the top 8 ways we can help your organisation improve.


1. Client Relationships

Never forget the details of an important client meeting again by quickly storing key interactions and interests against a single view of your client.

2. Analytics

Uncover insights about your clients, your business profile and your future direction with our data modelling and analytics tools.

3. Efficiency

Spend more time delivering value to your clients by customising your communications, breaking down your data silos and automating mundane administrative tasks.

4. Risk & Compliance

Improve your client acceptance processes, manage internal risk registers and identify conflicts with the SwiftFox Risk and Compliance feature.

5. Events & Marketing

Cut down your external email and marketing software and create events with our fully integrated marketing tools.

6. Integration

Integrate with your key systems, be sure of data accuracy and eliminate record duplication.

7. Pipeline & Dashboard

Get a clear picture of upcoming work, wins & losses and manage referrals with our Pipeline Tracker.

8. Clean Data

SwiftFox’s data scientists will help clean, de-duplicate, link, merge and re-import all your organisation’s data, no matter how many records or individual sources.


Who is SwiftFox?

SwiftFox CRM is created by a team of leading Australian software engineers and developers, data scientists, economists and digital experts.

We come from a variety of backgrounds, with decades of experience across professional services & private sectors, as well as in government, marketing, communications and IT.

SwiftFox CRM is a proudly local product, allowing our team to gain a much deeper understanding of your organisation’s requirements as we work face-to-face with your team.

Our Process

We custom build your perfect CRM in these four steps:


1. Understand Needs

Meet with your team in person, understand your business strategy and demonstrate how SwiftFox could work for you.

2. Customised Scoping

Our development team works with your internal team to understand your current systems, scope out your unique requirements for customisation.

3. Local Development

Using agile methodology our software engineers and technical experts build your SwiftFox and fully integrate it with your current systems.

4. Ongoing Support & Communication

We offer full assistance with rollout and training, and we provide local ongoing support for any unexpected issues. Every SwiftFox client has a dedicated Client Relationship Executive working with them.