Subscription & Payments

Finance made easy

Whether you are an association, membership organisation or not-for-profit, SwiftFox has you covered with complete member and donor management

Take and Track Payments

SwiftFox interface showing a user profiles with their saved payment types and active subscriptions

Using your existing financial infrastructure, SwiftFox enables the following:


Process payments to including membership fees, donations, purchases etc


Management of all payment methods and account codes


Create an audit record for all payment methods


Refund payments


Reconcile payments with payment gateway transactions software

Handle Renewals

SwiftFox will also handle member renewals including the ability to process:


Yearly renewals on a single renewal date


Yearly renewal payments for auto renewal and multi-year renewals


Process monthly renewal payments

New Sign Ups

Screenshot of SwiftFox interface showing a membership request asking for approval

During SwiftFox configuration, our team will enable SwiftFox to:


Calculate membership or donation fees based on your subscriptions


Manage discounts if required


Update or upgrade the subscription


Assign categories to a contact based on any particular categories or rules

Create tasks

Set alerts for key dates or milestones, save to-dos, and assign tasks to team members.

Financial reporting

View financial reports, payment reports and other visualisations.

Restrict access

Detailed user permissions can be set to ensure marketing features are only available to certain users (or groups of users) in your organisation.

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