Artificial Intelligence

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How contacts engage with your organisation holds important clues. SwiftPredict is SwiftFox’s AI toolkit, which goes beyond the surface to give you real-time insights on the behaviours of your contacts

Understand Your Audience.
Lift Your Retention Game

SwiftFox interface with a list of potential donors and their predicted value

Ever wish you had a crystal ball for retention or fundraising success? Look no further!
SwiftPredict AI both analyses and models the data and engagement history of your contacts, to unlock insights including:


Member and donor retention likelihood


Contact risk ratings


Contact engagement rates

Improve Your Email Game with ChatGPT Writing Assistance

SwiftFox interface showing SwiftPredict enabled predicting the best times for an email to go to each recipient

Staring at a blank screen and unsure of where to begin? Say goodbye to writers block with ChatGPT – your secret weapon to kickstart and refine your writing effortlessly.

Use SwiftPredict to also send emails at the optimal time when your contact is most likely to open your email, instead of sending all your emails at once.

Our AI Team has an exciting roadmap of SwiftPredict AI tools that we will continue to rollout in the months ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

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