Dashboard & Reporting

See and understand your data

SwiftFox has its own powerful BI tools, so your team can receive the reports and insights they need, without the need for a complex external dashboard provider

Dashboard Centre

SwiftFox interface showing various abstract dashboard widgets eg number of contracts won, number of followers etc

With SwiftFox Dashboard Centre's powerful reporting, you can:

Visualise and report on any data inside of SwiftFox, such as contact information, pipeline & project data, contact engagement rates, financial reporting, email campaign reporting, interactions with clients, call and SMS data

Create custom dashboards and views with your own layouts, colours, and commentst

Set user permissions on specific dashboards or the entire Dashboard Centre, so that confidential information is kept secure

Collaborate with your team, and set action items for your team with SwiftFox Tasks

Tracking of all communications & interactions with contacts

Our Data Analytics Team will work closely with you to ensure that SwiftFox’s Dashboards and Reporting display the information that’s pertinent to you.

Map and Visualise Your Data

SwiftFox interface showing map displaying target areas over support level heat map

Combining our team’s rich data analytics pedigree with our industry-leading CRM, SwiftFox comes loaded with thousands of government datasets to deliver users with instant intelligence.
Visualise your data against the latest demographic, economic, population, transport, health, education, and Government numbers from the ABS.

View contacts by geographical area

Analyse regions for key messaging campaigns

Group contacts by locations

Allow users to build their own maps

Easily download maps as PNGs and PDFs

Utilise experts

Our staff will create any visualisation you require, with many different chart and graph types.

Multiple views

Reports in SwiftFox can be viewed in the traditional table view, while many of our reports can also be turned into data visualisations for easy analysis.

Restrict access

Detailed user permissions can be set to ensure contact information is only available to certain users (or groups of users) in your organisation.

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