SwiftFox for Members

Making the running of your organisation simple and cost effective.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise data and data analytics. We want organisations to understand how to use their data to grow and strengthen their organisation. In short, we’re not going to put a limit on your data storage capabilities because that goes against everything we believe in.

Data Storage

Store all your contacts – be they clients, prospects, members, stakeholders, supporters – and track all their information including contact details, status, interests & interactions

Lead your community, reclaim your time.

SwiftFox Membership grows your community and puts time back in your day. Engage with your members, manage payments, send newsletters, make calls, send texts and organise events. SwiftFox is the new home for your membership.

Unlimited members and contacts

Member profiles to store interaction history, personal details and analytics delivered right to you.

New Member processing

From your join form to the approval stage, leave your member sign-up process to SwiftFox.

Complete finance toolkit

Intuitively manage member payments and make reporting simple. Every payment type, fully customisable.

Grow your base with clear comms

Phone calls, emails, text messages and surveys all in the one place. Automate email reminders, contact form updates and directly populate your database.

Lists you can only dream about

Build segmented lists in only a few clicks based on any data you have stored against your members.   

Event organising

Organise your event withSwiftFox. Beautiful events, great data capture – and a zoom integration that helps you respond to this changing virtual event organising environment.

Visualise your progress, build reports

Visualise your member data on our dashboards, build custom reports on anything you need to know, create projects, assign tasks to your teams.

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