SwiftFox Integrations

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What is it?

Well, you’ve probably heard of zoom. If you haven’t, you may have also missed a certain pandemic…

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service. You can use zoom to meet virtually with friends and colleagues, go to online events, attend classes.

Zoom is now integrated with SwiftFox Events.

This means that you can use Zoom to host your webinars and this information will be directly loaded into SwiftFox. It’s going to save you time and make organising easier.

Is it integrated for all my office meetings?

No, we’ve made a decision that Zoom will be more useful for

Don’t you hate integrations – why are you integrating?

We can do many things but we’re not about to make our own video software. We think there is enough already. Zoom is used by most of our clients, so we thought it would be a good fit.

Is this the first of many integrations…?

We take integrating very very seriously.

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