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SwiftFox empowers you with the features needed to communicate with your audience, track responses and improve your engagement

Design and send emails

SwiftFox interface showing an invite to an even being built

The SwiftFox email builder allows you to easily design emails using a drag-and-drop interface. Users can easily batch-send personalised emails without needing to link to another service. SwiftFox Emails enables organisations to:


Send communication emails to your entire database, or just targeted segments


Create and save email templates


Have your emails written by our AI tool SwiftPredict


Select from a full suite of merge fields, to ensure more personalised emails


Communicate to contacts to update details, and have those details automatically update in SwiftFox


View analytics on all email campaigns, including metrics for individual contacts


Notify contacts of upcoming scheduled payments, credit card expiry, failed payments

Users can also send individual emails to any contact in SwiftFox directly from the contact’s profile.

Create Letters with SwiftFox Documents

SwiftFox Documents allows you to efficiently create and send Word documents through SwiftFox, including letters, invoices, invitations, documents, and contracts.
Our feature integrates with Microsoft Word, enabling users to create documents in Word and insert merge fields for any data stored in SwiftFox. Simply upload your Word documents to SwiftFox, and then send them to one or all contacts.

Send Texts – Bulk Blasts or Two-Way

SwiftFox interface showing a two way sms conversation from a user profile

We know that not everyone checks their emails, and so SwiftFox has bulk text messaging functionality built-in, so that you can quickly deliver a message to contacts.
Similar to our email builder, text messages can be personalised to contacts with easy merging capabilities built in.


All sent and received messages are stored against a contact’s profile, so as to add to the rich interaction history stored in SwiftFox.


Two-way text messaging (or peer-to-peer messaging) also supported, and so you will be able to have full text message conversations with clients, all from within SwiftFox!

SwiftFox Event Management

SwiftFox interface showing an invite to an even being built

SwiftFox Events allow users to create and manage events with ease. Our all-in-one system includes:


Date, time, and location settings


Complete a survey or make notes and have the details automatically captured by SwiftFox


Send personalised email and calendar invitations to your guests


Manage reminders, RSVPs and event check-ins


Fully integrated with Zoom to allow seamless transfer of webinar data


Store event metadata such as attendance and provide quick and easy post-event reports to users

Targeted lists

With SwiftFox's List Builder you can build your own targeted lists based on any data stored against your contacts.

Email integrations

Emails received by your users can be easily stored on a contact's profile through SwiftFox’s integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Restrict access

Detailed user permissions can be set to ensure marketing features are only available to certain users (or groups of users) in your organisation.

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