Direct Engagement

Transform the way you communicate

Along with our suite of marketing features, SwiftFox empowers you to directly engage with your audience

Create Website Forms, Surveys and Petitions

SwiftFox interface showing a text field being added to a web-form titled "Contact details"

SwiftFox Forms allows you to create your own online forms quickly and easily with no coding experience required. Popular forms include:


Contact Us or Sign-Up forms on your website





You can customise everything about your forms, including layout and design, so that forms align with your organisation’s branding.
Forms can be placed on your website with a few clicks, with all data automatically flowing through to SwiftFox.

Make calls

SwiftFox interface showing a list of people in a list titled "Call list", it shows the status as either call back, complete or pending

We understand the power of phone calls for connecting with your audience, which is why we were so keen to integrate calls into SwiftFox.


Quickly set up a workflow to call lists of people in bulk


Complete a survey or make notes and have the details automatically captured by SwiftFox


Easily manage the process of phoning a group of prospects

Send Texts – Bulk Blasts or Two-Way

SwiftFox interface showing a two way sms conversation from a user profile

We know that not everyone checks their emails, and so SwiftFox has bulk text messaging functionality built-in, so that you can quickly deliver a message to contacts.
Similar to our email builder, text messages can be personalised to contacts with easy merging capabilities built in.


All sent and received messages are stored against a contact’s profile, so as to add to the rich interaction history stored in SwiftFox.


Two-way text messaging (or peer-to-peer messaging) also supported, and so you will be able to have full text message conversations with clients, all from within SwiftFox!

SwiftFox Event Management

SwiftFox interface showing an invite to an even being built

SwiftFox Events allow users to create and manage events with ease. Our all-in-one system includes:


Date, time, and location settings


Complete a survey or make notes and have the details automatically captured by SwiftFox


Send personalised email and calendar invitations to your guests


Manage reminders, RSVPs and event check-ins


Fully integrated with Zoom to allow seamless transfer of webinar data


Store event metadata such as attendance and provide quick and easy post-event reports to users

Create tasks

With SwiftFox's List Builder you can build your own targeted lists based on any data stored against your contacts.

Dashboard Reporting

View easy reports on activity for all engagement activity, including visualisations.

Restrict access

Detailed user permissions can be set to ensure engagement features are only available to certain users (or groups of users) in your organisation.

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