Why SwiftFox

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Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise data and data analytics. We want organisations to understand how to use their data to grow and strengthen their organisation. In short, we’re not going to put a limit on your data storage capabilities because that goes against everything we believe in.

Data Storage

Store all your contacts – be they clients, prospects, members, stakeholders, supporters – and track all their information including contact details, status, interests & interactions

The best of both worlds

We used to build bespoke member and CRM software for big clients but now we make our features available to all organisations in a secure, easy-to-use platform. But, if you would like to add something to our roadmap, or need some extra service, well, we have the skills to make it happen!


Uncomplicated design is powerful. You, your boss, your intern, the new hire - everyone in your organisation should know how to use, and love using SwiftFox. And you should be able to work out how to use a feature with a few clicks. This is good user design. Accessible design will change the way you work for the better. It makes collaboration easy.

Everything in one platform

SwiftFox has everything you need in one platform. This is what makes it so powerful. So marvellously simple to use. You can send newsletters, build beautiful reports, manage your pipeline, send text messages, have phone calls, tick off your tasks, talk to your team, coordinate events - all from one place, and with one subscription. Save time, save money.

Collaborative experts

We know software. Prior to SwiftFox, our team created bespoke software and worked as data analysts. Our passion is making innovative, brilliant data, work simply and beautifully. We want to help you achieve your goals and we will work with you to make that happen. Have a suggestion for a feature? Need a tweak? Let us know.

We build it, we manage it

Unlike many organisations that have implementation partners, and charge hourly for support - SwiftFox

We're local

Sometimes the old ways are the best. A close relationship with the people who provide your software will make all the difference for you and your organisation and reduce your stress levels. SwiftFox is Australian, but used around the world. Our team is local to you, and our approach is consultative. We want everything to make sense for you, and your organisation. .

We're with it

We’re with it. By ‘it’ we mean the Cloud.
Cloud software has 3 benefits.
- It’s highly secure.
- You can access it on the web.  
- Your software isn’t stuck on a floppy disk, or a usb or a stationary computer. It’s agile. We are constantly evolving, so that your organisation always has the ‘latest’ technology.

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