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One place to manage your
entire database

Store all your contacts – be they clients, prospects, members, stakeholders, supporters – and track all their information including contact details, status, interests & interactions

List Builder

Create segmented lists of clients, prospects, members, stakeholders, supporters or donors for email marketing, event management, fundraising requests and much more.


Send all your communications and set up automations.


Plan and manage your stakeholder and networking events.


Create a website 'Contact Us' form, survey your contacts on a variety of topics, create petitions.

Projects & Tasks

Manage day-to-day business processes including project management and your to-dos.


Visualise any data in SwiftFox by building your own dashboard which updates in real time.

Are you a really wonderful organisation that doesn’t fit in these neat boxes?

Retail? Event planners? A billion other types of organisations. Have a read about our features and plans. We’d love to hear from you.

Action Centre

The SwiftFox Action Centre is the all-in-one place for Reports, Queries and Actions. From processing form responses, to identifying expired payments or finding contacts who haven't been contacted in a while, Action Centre makes it easy to streamline regular and routine processes.
Action Centre is the place in SwiftFox to help streamline many of your reporting and processing requirements. It can process your Contact form, identify expiring credit cards, or spot email addresses that are bouncing. Action Centre always you to solve complicated problems easily.


Particularly for member and donor organisations, manage subscriptions levels, payments, payroll deductions, receipts, and renewals.


Manage your list of new prospects. Monitor wins, losses, staff performance & conversions.


Predict contact behaviour, including retention likelihood, event attendance, best time to send emails, how much to ask when fundraising.

Calls & SMS

Make issues-based calls, check in on clients & send bulk texts with information you want to send to your segmented lists.


Restrict user access to only certain features or contacts

SwiftFox Gov & Communities:

Visualise Census data against your own, using our interactive mapping tool. Use Census insights to inform your business decisions.


Connect SwiftFox to your essential external platforms

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