Two-Way Text Messaging with SwiftFox

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Published on
May 15, 2023

Our biggest webinar yet has arrived.

I know we’ve probably said that before, but I guess they just keep getting bigger.

Introducing two-way text messaging, as a brand-new feature on SwiftFox!

Peer to peer. Person to person. Two-way texting. There are lots of ways to describe it but essentially it’s this:  Now you can have a text conversation with your subscribers, on SwiftFox.

Join two of our Software Engineers, Stephen Smith and Rod Sejas on the 24th of May to get the first glimpse.

Stephen and Rod will discuss with our host and Digital Analyst Lucy Dixon, how two-way text messaging works on SwiftFox, as well as some practical tips and strategies for leveraging two-way text messaging in your marketing and client communications.

And whether you’re familiar with how your organisation can use two-way text messaging or not, this next webinar is a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have and see it live in action.

Click here to watch

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