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Last Updated
July 2023

SwiftFox is a full-featured CRM with a RESTful API. TheSwiftFox API allows you to complete many SwiftFox functions through external integrations.


To access the SwiftFox API, you will need an API key.

Header = Authorization

Value = Bearer <api key>

Required = YES

For help finding your API key, please contact support@swiftfoxcrm.com


The SwiftFox API has a number of GET, POST and PUT commands to retrieve, search, create and update data within your SwiftFox.


The SwiftFox API has a Swagger page to explain all current endpoints and capabilities. This page will automatically update as endpoints are updated or expanded.


Third-Party Integrations

SwiftFox currently has an integration with Zapier which can allow clients to access the benefits of the API, alongside many of their existing apps and services on the Zapier marketplace.

You can find SwiftFox within the Zapier marketplace.  

SwiftFox API Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy ("Policy") governs the acceptable use of the SwiftFox CRM API ("API") provided by SwiftFoxCRM. By accessing or using the API, you agree to comply with this Policy.

Purpose of the API:

The API is intended to facilitate integration with SwiftFoxCRM, allowing authorised users to access and interact with the CRM system programmatically, retrieve data, and perform approved actions.

Prohibited Activities:

Users of the API shall not engage in the following activities:

a.   Misuse or Unauthorised Access: Attempting to gain unauthorised access to the SwiftFox CRM system, circumventing authentication mechanisms, or tampering with the API endpoints or data.

b.   Data Breach or Privacy Violation: Collecting, storing, or transmitting any personal or sensitive data obtained through the API without proper consent or in violation of applicable data protection regulations.

c.    Spamming and Malicious Activities: Sending unsolicited communications, including spam or phishing attempts, or engaging in any activity that may harm or disrupt the SwiftFox CRM system or its users.

d.   Intellectual Property Infringement: Violating intellectual property rights, including but not limited to unauthorised use, reproduction, or distribution of copyrighted material or trademarks.

e.   System Abuse: Engaging in activities that could overload, degrade, or interfere with the performance or stability of theSwiftFox CRM system or any related infrastructure.

f.    Illegal or Harmful Activities: Engaging in any activity that is illegal, promotes illegal actions, or causes harm to individuals, organisations, or public welfare.

Data Usage and Privacy:

Users of the API shall handle data obtained through the API in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This includes obtaining necessary consents, handling data securely, and deleting data when it is no longer required for the intended purpose.

Rate Limiting and Usage Quotas:

Users shall adhere to any rate limits or usage quotas imposed by SwiftFox CRM to prevent excessive usage that may negatively impact system performance or availability.

Reporting Misuse:

Users shall promptly report any known or suspected misuse or abuse of the API to SwiftFox CRM by contacting support@swiftfoxcrm.com

Consequences of Violation:

Violation of this Policy may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of API access, blocking of IP addresses, or any other appropriate action deemed necessary by SwiftFox CRM. Severe violations may lead to legal consequences.

Updates to the Policy:

This Policy may be updated periodically at the discretion ofSwiftFox CRM. Users will be notified of any significant changes, and the updated Policy will be effective as of the specified date.