How to maximise your email campaigns with SwiftFox

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Published on
October 2, 2023

We're all about emails! Live demo now available.

In today's digital age, email marketing has become an integral part of every business's strategy.

However, with the sheer volume of marketing newsletters flooding our inboxes on a daily basis, it has become increasingly challenging to craft emails that truly stand out and capture the attention of recipients.

This is where SwiftFox steps in.

A series of new upgrades to SwiftFox emails have redefined the very concept of what a reliable email builder should be. Mobile and browser responsiveness, design tools that can be easily mastered by the non-designer, clear data reporting and a range of personalisation functionality is just some of what you can expect.

Our Head of Client Experience, Tim Hunter and Digital Analyst, Lucy Dixon walk us through a demonstration of how this works in SwiftFox.

This offers an inside look into the user-friendly interface and the seamless functionality of SwiftFox's email builder and answers your frequently asked questions when it comes to building emails.

We invite you to watch the live recording here.

Stay ahead of the curve with SwiftFox and make your emails stand out in the crowded inbox landscape.

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