Why we updated SwiftFox forms.

We have a saying in our team that ‘data is personal.’
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December 4, 2022

But when we first designed forms, we were thinking about functionality. And from a function standpoint,  forms were excellent. With forms, someone could fill out a contact form on a website and then all that information would be automatically transferred into SwiftFox. Forms could be used for surveys, petitions, and ‘contact sheets.’ And forms spoke to our core values and mission – to make data entry, and managing client relationships easier.

With forms, if someone fills out a linked form on your website, it will automatically appear in SwiftFox.

But we realised, if our forms were going to be personal – well they had to be personalised.

Which is why in 2022, we have now updated our forms to include:

1. New fonts for form headings, descriptions and questions.This means that SwiftFox forms can be branded to suit a website, and brand identity.

2. Dropdown menu Now answers can be selected from a dropdown menu.

3. Customise your post-form message. You can now customise the message your user sees once they submit a form. Write a simple thank you message, or something more detailed, fun and consistent with your values. Like the rest of forms, these messages can be customised with colours and fonts.

In short, SwiftFox forms now have all the functionality but with your personality.

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