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The Best Music for Concentration at Work

Your work playlist designed by an introvert and an extrovert
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December 4, 2022

Your work playlist designed by an introvert and an extrovert

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Often we put in our headphones to tune out distractions, we want to show everybody that we are focused, and prepared to work. The challenge is the next step: what do we play that will stimulate deep focus. Is it our favourite tunes? Soulful ballads, uplifting pop hits – or the sound of rain on a tin roof? What does science want us to do.

Which is why we, Lucy an introvert and Isabelle an extravert, decided to finally end science’s perennial question. We wanted to know: what does data have to say about listening to music at work? Is there a playlist somewhere, that can help us tune out distractions, and the dizzying question, ‘Am I playing the right thing?’ So you could simply put in your headphones and work, wherever you are. Here is what we discovered:

On waking: Meditation

Yes, everyone goes on about meditation. But the Science is in, it works. Track No.1 is a meditation, but if you have Headspace or another meditation app – we recommend that too.

Before work – Pump up Tunes (but only if you’re an extrovert)

If you’re an extrovert: Track No. 2-5 on the playlist are your jam. Play these tunes before you get your day going. (Read more here)

The beat, the positive tone will feel like a coffee, or a really exciting chat. This will help with your internal motivation. Isabelle – “This really is my jam.”

If you’re an introvert: Some research finds that introverts don’t need much stimulation to get going in the morning, plan your day with Track No.6 . Lucy – “If I’m honest, mornings are my time. Not too much talking before midday please.”

But, if you’re an introvert who likes your coffee and your Lizzo, well you do you and start your day with Track No.2.

Need to focus?

Choose, soft, fast music. While loud, fast music and slow low music can distract – fast, soft music can be beneficial. Swap your tunes for some lo-fi atmospheric nature sounds (no.7) some lo-fi beats (no.8-10) and even some Jazz (no.15).

The Mozart-effect. The Mozart-effect referred to the belief that listening to Mozart may boost your IQ. This may not be quite true. But just in case, we have included a few of Mozart’s symphonies. (no.17,18).

Want to deep focus? Try Video Game Soundtracks

Video games soundtracks. Video game music was designed to keep players immersed in the game. So, video game music is often highly effective at focusing the mind. This can be particularly true if you have ADHD. We have chosen video game soundtracks that can help you focus, but don’t sound like you’re storming a castle. (no.11, 12, 16).

MID-MORNING – quick tempo.

Hang in there. We’ve put in some quick tempo music with solid bass to keep you focused. So finish up your morning tasks, with lyric music. Send it off, then make your coffee. (Lucy – “or have a walk, or tea, or something less intense”)

AFTERNOON – pump-up tunes

You know when you realise the day is long and ahead of you. Play some songs you know and like.

Then squeeze in some lo-fi, some video game soundtracks and some jazz.


Pump-up tunes. Don’t fall asleep, get energised. (Isabelle – ‘This is also the best time for brainstorming and collaboration, so your day doesn’t feel too boring…’)

Finish your work day – quietly

Yes, yes. Meditation. Finish your day with some relaxing tasks before breaking into a meditation, so you don’t bring any stress home with you.

GO HOME – energised

Play some great tunes, get out of work mode, dance your way back home.

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