SwiftFox Memberships Webinar

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Published on
April 27, 2023

About this webinar

We are thrilled to launch our new memberships platform to SwiftFox.

SwiftFox for Membership has a long history. For the last decade, our parent company The Red Fox Group has serviced clients with everything from data analytics to bespoke membership systems.

SwiftFox for Membership allows you to do everything – and we really mean everything – from one place. We don’t want to give too much away, but we’re talking new features and new capabilities (DID SOMEONE SAY AI!!?)

The platform includes:

• AI-powered profile enhancement

• Communication features such as text and emails

• Project management and task allocation

• Enhanced client or member experience through calls and events.

Discover what's next for SwiftFox CRM by watching our live-recorded webinar. Head of Client Experience, Tim Hunter and Digital Analyst, Lucy Dixon provide a special demonstration of what this new platform looks like and discuss how your organisation can best use it to retain and grow your member base.

Check it out here
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