Spotlight on: Tim Hunter

From theoretical maths to client relations
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December 11, 2022

A preamble: Tim Hunter is one of the funniest people you’ll meet. He is also an incredibly hard worker, leading our client experience team with an infectious mix of humour, positivity and passion. Recently, Tim celebrated his 1-year anniversary at The Red Fox Group and SwiftFox partnership – so we wanted to sit down and ask him a few questions about his journey with SwiftFox.

Tell me about your background.

Well I grew up in the UK in the county of Devon. It’s a lot like Paris but with more beaches. ( Note: a quick Google proves otherwise). And I studied theoretical mathematics in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Theoretical mathematics is not exactly a typical degree for someone in client relations.

What do you mean? I see nothing atypical for a person with a love of theoretical mathematics having a job now specialising in talking to people.

How did you start at Red Fox/SwiftFox?

I was originally hired as part of the data team and really fell in love with the opportunities that SwiftFox has to helps organisations drive powerful insights from the data they have lying around. I’m really proud of the things that we’re able to do, to support such a variety of Australian organisations. And having worked in the client space in the UK, I asked to work with clients here too. I also couldn’t stop talking about how exciting it all was – and a job where I could share that was a better fit for me.

You’ve achieved a lot in a short time – what do you attribute your success to?

We have to acknowledge that the success comes out of the culture, and the mentorship that the company offers. My successes is a reflection on Tim and John’s investment in me – and the whole team working together. There is a real sense of possibility and growth here, and I think part of that is giving people a chance to do what makes them feel excited. I feel genuinely excited to do what I do.

What gets you excited, or what is your favourite thing about your job?

The people. I love that I get to connect with so many people, whether they’re accountants or professional services people striving to drive better client relations, or whether they’re people working within the Indigenous space and treaty process in Victoria, or the Uluru Dialogue getting a voice to Parliament to govern federally. Or government relations people – that have unique talents working to make change. I’m really blessed to have such phenomenal clients that are at the top of the game. And that are all striving for something. And that inside the team are really pushing to make that change happen. I want to be part of a culture that is invigorating and that’s what this job gives.

What do you do outside of work?

I used to run half marathons several times a week – now I do yoga because it is easier on the joints as a 25-year-old. My wife and I have also recently started fostering greyhounds.

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