Introducing SwiftFox’s New Two-Way Texts

The Power of Real-Time Engagement
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October 12, 2023

Almost 96% of people will open a text within 2 minutes of receiving it, which is why it is a perfect campaign feature for SwiftFox. It drives real time engagement with users.  

At SwiftFox we're excited to launch Two-Way Texting as our first standalone feature, open to existing SwiftFox users and organisations who are just looking for a text or sms service. Two-way texts allow you to send messages to thousands of your contacts and receive instant replies. Two-way texts are a great way to have real-time engagement through personalised and direct text messages.  

How it works

SwiftFox uses a local network and ensures optimal data security.

SwiftFox CRM Two-Way Texting is proudly locally based. This means unmatched data security and ease of use for businesses. Each text message sent through our platform originates from local networks, ensuring authenticity and fostering a close customer experience. With international platforms potentially exposing sensitive information to global jurisdictions, SwiftFox CRM puts your data security first, giving you the confidence to communicate freely and confidentially.

Two-way Text or Bulk Text Messages

Choose whether you would like your contacts to reply to messages, or if you would prefer to send a bulk message.  

For existing SwiftFox CRM clients

Our Two-Way Texting interface offers a seamless integration with customer profiles within the CRM. This centralised approach means that you never have to worry about disparate conversations, everything is in the one place. Phew.  

For SwiftFox Clients and SwiftFox Texts Clients  


Using Texts for a texting campaign or promotion? SwiftFox CRM's intuitive dashboard helps you see all your campaign data in one place.  

Affordability meets quality.  

As an Australian-based CRM provider, SwiftFox CRM leverages local infrastructure, offering a more affordable, secure, and speedy alternative compared to international options. By keeping text messages within Australian borders, you not only save costs but also ensure the integrity of your customer data. Our commitment to a locally-based service means you can build strong customer relationships without compromising on quality.  

A Message from Our Team  

"We are thrilled to introduce Two-Way Texting as a standalone feature in our CRM platform. This innovative communication solution opens new doors for organisations to connect with their customers in a more personalised and immediate manner. By offering a locally based service, we address data security concerns and provide organisations with an easy-to-use and efficient tool to build strong customer relationships."  

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