Fostering Startup Culture

SwiftFox Inspires Coder Academy Students
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October 12, 2023

At SwiftFox, we're passionate about embracing startup culture and nurturing the talents of tomorrow. Our recent engagement with students at Coder Academy, featuring our very own team members—Hunter Adams, Stephen Smith, and Isabelle Knight—was an inspiring testament to our commitment to this culture of innovation, curiosity, and collaboration.

Remaining Loyal to Our Startup Roots

While SwiftFox has grown beyond its initial stages, our unwavering dedication to startup culture drives us forward. It's embedded in our core values and underpins everything we do.  

A Glimpse into the Life of a SwiftFox Developer

Hunter Adams and Stephen Smith, integral members of our development team, took students on a journey into the daily life of a SwiftFox developer. They explored crucial aspects like sprints, standups, pull requests, and our unique drop-in channel, where our team collaborates and shares their work.

The Role of Marketing and Communications

Isabelle Knight, our Head of Marketing and Communications, revealed how startup culture is the heart of SwiftFox's operations. She emphasised that qualities like curiosity, openness, and teamwork are pivotal when we consider new graduates.

Giving Back to Coder Academy

Hunter and Stephen, once students themselves at Coder Academy, were delighted to return and share their experiences. Interestingly, of the 900 applicants for developer positions at SwiftFox, two out of three hailed from Coder Academy, a testament to the rigorous training the bootcamp provides.

Looking Forward

We are excited to witness the boundless potential in the students at Coder Academy as they embark on their tech journeys and share with an institution doing so much for the Australian tech industry.  

Stay connected for more updates and insights from SwiftFox, as we continue to champion startup culture and empower the next generation of tech leaders.

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