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SwiftFox CRM

SwiftFox is the single source for your organisation's information on its stakeholders, customers, members or clients. 

Replace your spreadsheets, notebooks and web searches. Easily collaborate with your team. Manage our new way of working.



Watch how easy it is to save and search your information.


Communicate quickly and effectively. Manage your workflows.



Uncover deep insights with data visualisation - Exclusive to SwiftFox

SwiftFox includes Australasia's most detailed mapping technology allowing organisations to map your data against key national data sets. This allows you to:

  • Analyse your audience demographics
  • Map your growth opportunities
  • Be alerted to risks

SwiftFox is the only CRM to include pre-loaded data, always kept up to date by our team of data scientists. 



The SwiftFox mapping dashboard includes thousands of datasets, contact us to see our comprehensive list. 

Economic Data

Population Data

Transport Data

Health Data

Education Data

Government Data