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SwiftFoxPro is a customised CRM, empowering professional service organisations to better engage their clients & manage risk.


The world is changing. Data analytics & business intelligence is revolutionising the professional services industry. SwiftFoxPro CRM will uncover insights, increase revenue, reduce costs, & streamline better service of your clients & customers.

Until now, many organisations have been in the dark ages of notepads and spreadsheets or worked across multiple platforms to track interactions with clients.

SwiftFoxPro is an industry game changer. An intuitive CRM and single source of truth for all interactions and activity, providing intelligence in seconds.

The platform uses data analytics to manage risk processes, drive automation & provide targeted communications & marketing.

Accessible by subscribers anywhere and anytime, SwiftFoxPro helps manage our new way of working.

Real-Time Data Intelligence

Client insights at your fingertips.


Understand Your Clients

Empower your organisation with the knowledge of what motivates your clients. SwiftFox intelligence delivers their interests, tracks the services you provide, predicts new opportunities and flags client 'flight risk' levels. 


Visualise Key Relationships

Users can identify the network tree of their contacts and any mutual relationships with this cutting-edge SwiftFox technology.


Contacts, Activity, Pipeline

Replace your spreadsheets & notebooks. Never forget an important client contact again. Manage your work pipeline.


Save Every Interaction

SwiftFox is a single source of truth for saving every client interaction including meeting notes, correspondence and attachments. Each entry and saved note is searchable.

Easily view client records and with our modern social media style interface, and tag other team members in posts of interest to them. 


Manage Pipeline & Workflow

SwiftFox provides a clear snapshot of upcoming leads, current bids and future capacity with our detailed Pipeline feature.

Connecting with all SwiftFox features, our pipeline tool allows users to create new opportunities, track steps in the sales process and store all communications.


Built-In Communication Tools

Replace external email & marketing software, keeping your data in one system & tracking engagement.


Send Email, Events & Surveys

Your communications & data all in the one system. Design & send personalised bulk email, arrange events & invitations, & run detailed surveys - all with SwiftFox.


Create Powerful Lists

Users can undertake detailed searches of their professional network and customise countless contact lists. Lists are then seamlessly integrated with our email, event and survey tools.


SwiftFox also provides a detailed risk management system, enabling organisations to fulfil regulatory compliance.


Check Conflicts

Automatically undertake conflict and independence checks on every current and prospective client to ensure any potential conflicts are identified and managed. 

Complete Internal Forms

SwiftFox provides an internal form builder, allowing users to easily create and edit internal business forms. It then notifies other users to complete and submit forms. 

Store Risk Registers

Users can easily update important risk information and store these all in a central risk register. Examples include registers relating to investments, directorships, gifts, compliance and breaches.




SwiftFoxPro is part of the SwiftFox CRM family.

Our platform is entirely cloud based - there is no infrastructure to set up - and it is available anywhere and anytime. Simply log on and get started.

As a subscription service, pricing is based on a per user, per month fee. We also have options for unlimited users to suit larger organisations.

Only subscribe to what you need. You can get started with our Essentials package, or add on as many communications features as you require.

And the SwiftFox team take care of all system updates, maintenance and new feature releases. This means you are always using the latest version of our platform with no hidden costs.