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SwiftFox Communications

SwiftFox enables targeted communications at scale - all without leaving your CRM.

Our marketing and advocacy tools allow you to communicate quickly and effectively.


Watch how easy it is to create emails at scale - directly from SwiftFox.


Keep your communications in one place.

Don't send sensitive and valuable data to a third party. SwiftFox allows you to replace your external email and marketing software, keeping your data in one system and tracking engagement.

Users can easily create, save and edit target lists, and then use those lists in all our communications tools.

Send your contact an email, invite them to an event, ask them to complete a survey or give them a call. The data is always tracked against the contacts record, with analytics provided.

Whether you are using SwiftFox for targeted markerting, or to run campaigns - experience the difference of one system handling it all.





Engaging with your audience has never been more important.