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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked often – and we’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any others.



Getting Started

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’. It’s software which brings together data from all parts of an organisation to provide a single view of interactions with customers, clients and stakeholders.

SwiftFox takes data typically stored in spreadsheets and various IT systems and analyses it against additional information sourced by our data scientists, to uncover powerful intelligence for your organisation.

Is SwiftFox built on CRM software such as Salesforce or other CRMs in the marketplace?

SwiftFox is a tech platform developed from scratch and independent of any other software on the market. It’s the creation of our team of industry experts, data scientists, designers and developers – and there’s nothing like it out there.

Why should our company choose SwiftFox over other international CRM brands?

Lots of reasons!

Most CRMs in the marketplace are sales focussed, you’ve probably heard of some. SwiftFox is the only platform designed to strengthen client and stakeholder relationships through data, particularly in the professional services and Government sectors.

Our team knows that the stronger your relationship with your stakeholder the more likely you are to achieve your desired outcome.

SwiftFox’s extensive features enable users to:

  • Capture client data
  • Drive automation
  • Deliver intelligent insights
  • Target communication

SwiftFox is a powerful tool to help you engage, advocate and communicate. And it saves you both time and money.

We are local and have offices throughout Australia, so you don’t need to call an international hotline for assistance – we’re right here if you need a hand.

My organisation isn’t that big - is SwiftFox still valuable for a smaller organisation?

No organisation is too small (or too big) to benefit from SwiftFox.

Our plans cater for single subscribers, right through to big corporates with thousands of users.

If you’re not sure what you need – let’s chat and work out what package suits you best.

How does pricing work for SwiftFox?

Our system comes in three neat packages, ranging from the basics, right through to complete customisation tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Our plans come with an initial setup cost based on the level of requested customisation and data importing, and our subscription options include both individual and unlimited users.

Get in touch to discover which plan best suits your needs.

Is SwiftFox cloud-based or do I need to install it on my device?

SwiftFox is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform. It can be accessed with a simple web login, just like Gmail or LinkedIn for instance.

SwiftFox works on all major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

How do I log in to SwiftFox and can I use it on my phone or tablet?

Simply go to app.swiftfoxcrm.com and enter your credentials. We use two-factor authentication for added security. SwiftFox can be accessed on all your devices.







SwiftFox Features

How many of my own contacts can I add to SwiftFox?

You can create an unlimited number of contacts, at no extra cost.

If our organisation adds its own contacts and clients’ details into the CRM, is that data going to be shared?

Absolutely not. Your data is yours alone and under no circumstances can it be shared with other subscribers outside your organisation.

Can I print reports on all the interactions I store against people or organisations?

Of course. SwiftFox allows you to produce summaries of your interactions and other relevant information, and to print these reports.

Do your email, event and survey features use external marketing companies such as MailChimp or SurveyMonkey?

No. One of SwiftFox’s great features is its built-in communication tool, featuring email, events and surveys. This means you don’t have to send your data to third-party platforms.

Can I upload files to SwiftFox?

Yes. You can upload all types of attachments to support and record your activities, including documents, PDFs and images.

Does SwiftFox work with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail?

Yes. SwiftFox can integrate seamlessly with both Outlook and Gmail, allowing you to search contacts from email and automatically store interactions. 

Can I set myself reminders?

Yes - we would forget follow-ups too if it weren’t for reminders. SwiftFox has detailed reminders and notifications system for all your meeting follow-ups, events and organisation’s activities.

What technical help and support do you offer?

SwiftFox has a dedicated local support team to help you with any unexpected issues. SwiftFox also includes an extensive user guide to help your team get the most from this technology.

Do you have a product roadmap where I can see upcoming features?

As a subscription platform, the SwiftFox team is always working on new and exciting features. We provide our roadmap to our subscribers, so you know what’s on the way. We’re also keen for feedback and happy to take suggestions about features our users are interested in.




SwiftFox Data

SwiftFox has thousands of built-in contacts – where does this data come from?

All contact details pre-loaded in SwiftFox are sourced from publicly available data. Our team of data scientists have spent the time putting all of this information together, so you don’t have to.

We use publicly available data for many of the insights included in SwiftFox, and we use commercial data where it can add value.

Does SwiftFox’s built-in data include personal details such as mobile phone numbers and private email addresses?

SwiftFox contains publicly available contact details including the work phone and email addresses of many contacts. We deliberately do not provide the mobile numbers or private email addresses of individuals unless they are made available by the contact themselves. Users can save these details themselves, but they will not be included in the wider SwiftFox database.

How often does SwiftFox’s built-in data get updated?

Data such as our Hansard and legislation tracking are updated in real time. Our contact details are updated as quickly as possible with users kept regularly informed of changes via SwiftFox’s notifications system.

Do insights from data sources such as the ABS get updated regularly also?

Yes, insights relying on data from ABS and other public sources is also updated as soon as possible after release.

Can you import existing client data spreadsheets and help remove any duplications?

Absolutely. Our team of leading data scientists will help with all your set-up requirements, including data imports.

Can I export all my data, including the built-in SwiftFox data?

The SwiftFox team can assist users export data if required. We can also export all interactions you store against SwiftFox data. However, this does not extend to exporting SwiftFox’s built-in data as our team invests considerable time in sourcing and keeping these details up-to-date.



How seriously do you take data security?

The security and confidentiality of data is at the heart of everything we do. The SwiftFox team is ISO 27001:2013 certified, one of only 300 Australian businesses and organisations to be certified against the internationally recognised Information Security Management System standard.

Becoming ISO certified requires a stringent audit process and is reviewed annually. You can find out more about the importance of ISO certification

Will any of the data I put in SwiftFox be collected and given to third parties?

Absolutely not - your data is yours. It is not provided to any third party or sold commercially.

Who else has access to my data?

Only your organisation has access to your data. The SwiftFox team has standard non-disclosure agreements with subscribers. We will only handle your data if authorised by you to assist with tasks such as data importing and exporting or helping with support tickets.

Do you operate under any recognised privacy code?

Yes. As a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Organisation (AMSRO), the SwiftFox team operate under Australia’s only industry legislated privacy code. A copy of our privacy policy can also be found here.

My company has a policy that all data must remain within Australia. Is SwiftFox Australia based?

Yes. SwiftFox is Australian-based and your data is hosted in secure data centres in Australia through Microsoft Azure.

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